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West Covina City Council
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My name is Joe Lara-Gardner. I was born in Los Angeles County and I love West Covina. I seek to influence positive change in our community.

You can also influence positive change. Be informed and help others to do the same. Most importantly, VOTE!

I can still see opportunities for liberty and prosperity for all Californians. The key is to restore the principles of common sense to our government. It all starts at home.

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Joe Lara-Gardner for City Council
2648 E. Workman Ave. #3001, Box 216
West Covina, CA 91791
(626) 407-7571

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  • West Covina Resident and native Californian
  • Law Enforcement Officer for over 27 Years (retired sergeant)
  • Appointed Commissioner, L.A. County Department of Probation representing the 5th District
  • Lifetime member, California Narcotic Officers' Association
  • President, Meals On Wheels-Industry
  • Member, 48th Assembly District Republican Central Committee
  • Active Church and Community Volunteer
  • Member of the California Gang Investigator's Association
I believe in prosperity based on free enterprise
I will promote private sector job creation by attracting business and industry back to California.
I will work to cut regulations and legislation that hinder job creation
I will protect property rights and Proposition 13
I will work to control state government spending and limit the size of government
I will work to cut government waste and fraud to government programs
I will promote safer communities
I believe in limited government based on constitutional principles
I believe in law and order. As a sergeant I supervised community-based policing programs and understand how important public safety is to a community
I developed and implemented ways to enhance neighborhood safety and livability

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